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Policy and Action Plans

UK Highways Agency Adaptation Framework Model (© Highways Agency)Strong leadership is required to ensure mobility is resilient to climate change, and organisational policies and strategies need to reflect the importance of considering climate change impacts in decisions. Policy frameworks, strategies and actions should provide a consistent and co-orientated approach to climate change resilience. Transport resilience needs to be included in high level strategy, but this should also be cascaded down into policies on specific issues.

The provision of strong drivers can encourage adaptation actions, for example including resilience issues in construction and maintenance contracts, and reviewing construction standards and specifications that are often based on historic climate, to ensure designs and materials are appropriate to the projected climate within the lifetime of the asset.


Developing adaptation action plans

Adaptation options need to be identified, evaluated and prioritised in terms of the immediacy of the risk they address and their cost-benefit. Action plans should contain short, medium and long term actions, and include the actors and resources required for each. Actions may address a specific risk, or build adaptive capacity through increasing knowledge and skills or improving organisational structure and communication.